Ted Grose
Assembly District 62

Why I am running for State Assembly

Sending a Legislator to Sacramento is about more than passing new laws. We need to look at regulation differently- how can lawmakers streamline or remove regulations that hamper business success?  The answer is to change the way we do business in California.

I have years of experience working in the real estate industry and have seen firsthand how California’s business regulations can stifle entrepreneurship. I am proud of my record as a small business owner; I’ve owned or led four companies and have signed both sides of the paycheck. I aim to make California a better place to do business.

Furthermore, I know that education is a key to a better tomorrow. As an Assembly Member, I will fight to improve the system and bring back the California dream. I will work to divert money to classrooms and less money to union bosses and high-priced administrators or capital expenditure boondoggles. I will fight for an education system that is accountable, and works to improve results so our children can better compete in a global economy.

Today, more than ever, we need leadership in the California State Assembly to kick start our state economy, create jobs throughout the state and get out of the way of innovation. I will choose innovation, transparency and accountability over doing things the way we always have.

I would be honored to have your vote and support in the upcoming election.



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